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    Well I finally [after 1 hair dye and 4 contact lens box] made it a reality with my bby Raven (人´∀`*)yas it’s a orange hair raven screw all you black hair ones

    Only missing the Halloween04 costume rn but at least the difficult part of it is over /COUGHS/DNRNG/COUGHS/ I actually intended the hair color in the original art to be yellow but orange looks closer lol;;; maybeimcolorblindidk

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And here we have Barnac trying too hard to fit in and not appear as the third wheel but failing miserably.


    And here we have Barnac trying too hard to fit in and not appear as the third wheel but failing miserably.

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Seems like Cleric and Warrior finally got their heads adjusted. I hope you like detached necks like happens often with Archer.


    Seems like Cleric and Warrior finally got their heads adjusted. I hope you like detached necks like happens often with Archer.


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I’m sure someone has made this joke already.


    I’m sure someone has made this joke already.

  • You know what would be cool


    A dragon nest dating game. One where you can choose your class and depending on what you choose the interactions with the other characters would be different. (Also you can be gay, ‘cause that’s always fun) 

    Man, I wish I knew how to code for these things…and draw better too. 

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    Wonder what’s the general…average attack power or the minimum for the lv 70 cap. o^o

    Like back in the 60 cap you couldn’t find a public pt unless you had around 12-13K dmg? And that was the bare minimum—

    …so would the lv70 cap be like..24K? Or 26K? But then someone mentioned…

    meep stranger loli passing by owo
    35k patk is the minimum for pubs or so i heard
    800k HP for bdn, drop that slightly if you want moar dps owo
    of course, it also strongly depends on party composition and whatnot.
    My SS has 48k patk and my GM as 40k. Currently my GM is better in terms of DPS in nests.

    If you’re stacking pure attack, like no elementals and fewer life jades, average would be around 35-40k, unless you’re gearing with +10s and high grades or DDL. Minimum HP for supports SHOULD be 800k for bdn, 1m to be safe.

    Ahh, thankies! :D Hnn, 35K…

    that’s like…5K more short-

    800K for BDN…the jump was quite steep, huh |D;;

    I have my weps at +7, since no monies to enhance further— so guessing the rest gonna come from jades and plates 

    Right now my characters are at high 20-s to 30K, tho they don’t have their full sets yet o^o

    Thankies for replying! ^^

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    Elena Kalis’s underwater set: Through the looking glass adaption

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    Kyoukai no Kanata.

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One of my favorite books ever


    One of my favorite books ever

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  • Anonymous: Would it be fine to ask for an overview of the Cleric's storyline or background story?


    Nothing new has been revealed about him as far as I know since Eclair’s introduction so basically what I can tell you is what you most likely know already:

    1.- Dad is an unnamed human and mother is Priestess of Darkness Eclair. Eclair abandons them, father marries an unnamed woman. He also has half-siblings. Due to the nature of Eclair, she isn’t considered human and Edan wasn’t even supposed to be born to begin with. Castia is surprised he has already lived this long.

    2.- Born in an aristocrat household, however impoverished. Lots of internal problems of unknown nature in his family.

    Upon arriving Saint Haven you get a quests that exposes a lot about Edan’s family through a letter by his father, however it just makes things confusing:

    1.- Edan’s father mentions that he was the one who couldn’t protect him and sent him away. But also Edan claims that he left his family himself because he wanted to make a name on his own and find a place where he belongs.

    2.- He also mentions that he is unable to give Edan his money, but is not explained why. Soon after Enoch explains that Edan’s father was trying to give it to Edan’s half-siblings but the family opposed… So really he had no reason to deny it to him then.

    3.- Edan seems to harbor ill feelings towards his family and up to this point in the history we were led to believe he was an innocent victim. However, in the letter his father seems, kind? His family and stepmother are also said to be worried about him, then Enoch calls Edan out for being selfish saying that the world doesn’t cater to him. It leads me to believe that while it’s true that his father isn’t exactly the brightest example of parenting, Edan is also a troublesome person and is drowning in a glass of water.

    Level 24 Quest “The Place Left”:

    Enoch: Oh by the way when we heard about you about your achievements in Calderock Village, your father came by. He gave me this. He looked as he was wondering how you were doing.

    "I heard your stories from Calderock Village. I am happy to hear that you are doing well.

    As a member of our family, I could not keep you. That’s why I had to send you away. I will not give you a fake promise or a bad reason.

    As the head of our family, I cannot give you my position or the money. However if I can give you as a middle class father give you affection, I would have given it to you.

    Wherever you go, I want you remember that you are my son. Not by our family name, but as a son I wish you grow up well.”

    From your bad father”

    Edan: He always talks as he pleases! Why is he so worried?

    Enoch: … Your father was trying to give your half brothers his money and position. However few of the family members are against it. So your stepmother was starting to get worried.

    Edan: But I am not afflicted with the family anymore.

    Enoch: Well that’s because you were starting to get noticed and achieving fame. Your relatives are anticipating to be a clergy soon.

    Edan: However I found my way already.

    Enoch: But that is your wish. The world does not go the way you want it to go. We already gave our lives for the goddess. However life is not a second but long lasting. The future holds on only the prophet and Goddess Altea. If you live, people from your family will ask for your help. It will be up to you to grab their hand or act like your father to them will be your choice.